Brand IDs


We were thrilled at the opportunity to refresh and create some brand new idents for the ‘channel 4’ family in Hungary. Having some great ideas to build upon the previous suite we had worked on (TV4, Story4, Arena4, Galaxy4 and Film4), the brief included new ideas for the latest additions to the network (Match4 and Max4).

As part of the creative execution we had to find new exciting ways of representing shows in the Net4 shape as well as hiding fun details to hold up in repeat viewing. Each channel has its own distinct content and so it was essential for us to personalise each and every one of the idents in an equally unique way.

These resulted a beautiful beach diorama with dynamic waves crashing on rocks, a film set casting a mediaeval battle to the cinema below, a crime scene which spans across eras, as well as a last minute goal being scored to win the match.