Make Veg Poverty History


Two-time Olympic gold medal boxing champion Nicola Adams is a British legend.

So when Strong Roots and Seven Communications asked us to make a film to promote their admirable Veg Amnesty initiative we were delighted and excited to get involved.

Highlighting the fact that 1 in 4 low income families in Britain live in ‘Veg Poverty’ the campaign promotes and encourages all of us to dig our unused veg from our freezer and donate to food banks.

The film sees Nicola rising early in her home town of Leeds and hitting the street to get some valuable miles in for the cause. Along the way she is joined by a variety or eager and sometimes quirky local characters keen to reappropriate their at-hand vegetables for the common good.

The film concludes with Nicola sprinting up the steps of Leeds town hall followed by an eager throng of veg waving fans… all inspired by a certain fictional boxer who became a movie icon.