Ukraine Rebrand


Suspilne is a world renowned national broadcaster in Ukraine and is responsible for upholding not only the highest quality journalism, but also entertaining the country with all types of content from sports to lifestyle.

We were commissioned by BBC Media Action to lead a rebrand and for us, it was clear, especially under the stresses of war, this must be built on integrity, vibrancy and self-determination. Suspilne means ‘public’ in Ukrainian, so it was important to us to create something that truly reflects the society and culture that makes Suspilne what it is.

A toolkit of On-Air Graphics was created and the Prism was at the heart of this. A Prism has properties of being strong, durable, resilient and dependable. It also transmits and disperses light that carries the colours of the spectrum, this reflects the full rainbow of Ukrainian culture – seen in the channel’s colour distinctions.

We see the Prism beautifully rock back and forth embodying balance, truth, equality and dynamism. Its glass body is an analogy for how Suspilne disperses trusted news and information with clarity and transparency. Suspilne’s audio branding was also hugely important. It was derived and inspired by truth and audio note structures influenced by Ukrainian composers of the past who were denounced or ‘cancelled’. The audio signature is simple, memorable, powerful and modern but is truly Ukrainian and a tribute to the spirit of the country and the values Suspilne upholds on behalf of its people, past and present.

Two key areas of the rebrand were Suspilne News and Kultura.

Suspilne’s news had to be adaptable and relevant for each region across Ukraine. The flurry of multi coloured orbs is not only visually stunning but a representation of how Suspilne follows each story spread throughout the country – beginning in colours respective of the different story topics such as green for Suspilne Sport or blue for Pershiy’s lifestyle content, before they all become yellow to be part of Suspilne News.

Kultura is Suspilne’s light entertainment channel and was designed to be playful, the art direction used the tactility of different shapes and textures along with a series of super satisfying interactions to create an ident which gave a moment to lose yourself in.

Since the rebrand we’re delighted to say that:

Suspilne news has increased consumer trust to 86%.
Source: Gradus Research Company.

Suspilne has become the most popular media among young Ukrainians.
Source: UNICEF U-Report.

Suspilne Ukraine became the news source most frequently used by Ukrainians.
Source: the USAID-Internews.