Return to the Blue


Arksen are a technology and innovation company who build and support semi-autonomous vessels, that are changing the existing paradigms of luxury travel, by facilitating more mindful explorations and ensuring collaboration between owners, scientists, ocean advocates and activists.


We had the awesome backing of founder, CEO and serial entrepreneur Jasper Smith and a pretty much carte blanche aside from making something rousing, emotional and inspiring that sums up the spirit of the ocean and the love of the sea.

We devised a concept entitled Return to the Blue. It revolves around the sheer importance of the ocean, the innate (and increasing) compulsion of adventure for growing numbers of people. It also is born from needing to throw a spotlight on the race against time that we face in rectifying environmental and oceanic damage. The result is a film that encapsulates the premium craft of the first Arksen products (Yachts) and the overall spirit of adventure.


The goal of Arksen is to couple a true lifestyle brand that strives for the creation of a multitude of products with conservation projects and experiences that genuinely help save our planet. We’re delighted to have been involved and are extremely proud of the result.


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