30 Ans


We were asked if we could help Canal+ create the campaign to celebrate their monumental 30th birthday.

A truly epic undertaking for a truly epic brand, our first impetus was ‘ 30 for 30 ‘. Bucking the convention of spending all money and effort on one bombastic piece of communication, we thought it would be more of a testament to thirty years of quality to create 30 pieces of varied content. As it turned out we ended up creating more…

We devised, story boarded and shot over 40 different scenes. All including some of France’s greatest celebrities from Antoine De Caunes (known in the UK for Eurotrash), Jamel Debbouze (Amelie), Christophe Dugarry (French World Cup winning footballer).

Working with the team at Canal+ as a non-French company was a real privilege that also offered an unbiased approach from our end. We had to swot up a lot about the context of the celebrities and the programming from the last three decades. The results seem to combine a fitting tribute to the nostalgia but also an impartial freshness – that the celebrities responded to well as the spontaneity of the spots illustrated.

Musically, we were in auspicious company too – with the musical composition for the anniversary provided by Kavinsky, famed for his track “Nightcall” from the movie Drive.The campaign has had a great response all around and was an absolute joy from start to finish for all concerned.