Live:Lab – Fear Of Finding Out


Working with Don’t Panic London and Freuds Communications we created an exciting and unique series of branded mini-docs called The Fear Of Finding Out.

The brainchild of pharmaceutical think tank AbbVie, we followed collaborators such as former Secretary Of State For Health, Alan Milburn, Aardman and the Open Data Institute as well as ‘real’ members of the public that may have a disturbing phenomena identified as the ‘Fear Of Finding Out’.

In the final episode presenter and life coach Jeff Brazier makes a heart-rending contribution encouraging ways to overcome FOFO. Jeff was directly affected and thrust into the public spotlight when celebrity, and mother of his children Jade Goody, unfortunately passed away from cervical cancer through delaying visiting her GP.

The result is an engaging film and an innovative approach to health care that resulted in the creation of a digital tool, Crush Your FOFO, designed to mix fun with data gathering to improve peoples health and help save lives.