My5 Branding


We had the honour of helping Voyager Branding with part of their rebrand of My5. Voyager tasked us with helping craft the logo identity and the graphic language for on-air execution. This was a surprisingly complex project with an understandably large body of stakeholders, executions, and iterations. As is prominent these days, it was as much a de-branding exercise as a rebranding exercise.

We assisted Voyager with their overarching strategy of decluttering, unifying, and crafting a reductive, recognisable and paired back identity. This started with the existing logo, which although a beautiful execution, emphasised ‘My’ as much as the ‘5’.

A result of this was possibly diluting the broadcaster (5) and placing undue parity on ‘My’ when the goal is to reaffirm that this is 5’s streaming service (so the 5 should be dominant). Working with Voyager we wrestled with executions that drew the word ‘My’ into the 5 numeral so as to bring it back to the mother 5 identity. This helped both clarify some confusion that My5 wasn’t a separate brand to 5 but an important brand extension – the streaming service of the main 5 channel.

Once this was locked in we moved on to assist Voyager with all iterations of the identities in motion, from ID/App opener to On-Air executions.