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Appointed to be dedicated campaign managers as well as the UK directors, we proudly delivered a dynamic international global video campaign for PayPal. This spanned four countries (the UK, Australia, France, and Germany) and resulted in over 150 multi language, multi ratio assets.

Over the course of this project we worked with Tongal and a large body of international stakeholders, from local regional creatives to PayPal corporate executives. Not only did this require flexibility to best accommodate each partner, but a diligent eye to planning and resourcing for the very best results.

Shot on Arri Alexa multi-cam set ups, the project showcased PayPal users’ personal stories amidst the cost-of-living crisis and helped raise awareness of how PayPal’s variety of products can add to all aspects of day to day life.

Studio Hansa’s ability to excel in narratives and multinational projects is evident in our adaptability, creativity, and end-to-end production across borders, ensuring brand consistency across all territories.