Sky Germany


Earlier in the year the super-smart guys at Voyager Branding asked us to help with their total brand consolidation of all Sky Germany’s marketing materials.

An extensive project that followed a period of rigorous strategy from Voyager to map out consumer journeys and unify all Sky departments behind consistent brand messaging, the job involved us creating the look and feel across on-air, print and digital assets.

Primarily occupied with Sky Movies and Sky Germany, we worked with Voyager to create an elegant and robust brand structure that looked impactful but also was easily updatable and worked hard in the longterm but was adaptable to the quick turnarounds required by Sky’s marketing requirements.

We created a unique HTML5 ad-set for Sky Germany. The client briefed us to build easy to use, but quality focused and complex rich media ads. All of our banners are using GreenSock Animation Platform, the swiss-army knife tool for modern web animations. Needless to say that all formats are loading graphics and footages from the same asset repository for fast variation creation. Managing a robust campaigns with constantly changing goals and flexible target audiences never been so easy.