Where Were We?


We were thrilled to help Vala Sustainability create a film to explain their ethically responsible funds.

We created the concept ‘Where Were We?’ as a poetic interpretation of a soul-searching question we should all be asking ourselves at this pivotal point in the history for our planet.

Aimed at serious investors, the film is almost retrospective in it’s damning analysis of the questionable way humankind’s historical greed for profit has conversely been destructive to the earth.

Bucking the trend for ‘Queen’s English’ narration in favour of a distinctively powerful internationally diverse voice, the film combines hard-hitting environmental statistics, cinematic shots and cgi, pivoting to become a rallying cry to reassure that although we are on the brink, through positive action it’s not yet too late to repair our damaged home.

Through internationally diverse investment, companies like Vala are harnessing the power of finance to bring about innovation and sustainability that improves lives, the environment and achieves redistributable profits.