Tree of Life


Collaborating with Arksen and the Zeitz Foundation’s “Tree of Life” initiative, we created a promotional video about the reforestation of African habitats.

To bring our vision to life, we crafted a poetic story about a single seed that ignites the growth of an entire forest. Capturing stunning macro shots of a sprouting acacia tree, the narrative was how each tiny contribution, such as a single seed, contributes to part of the greater forest ecosystem.

Opening with a captivating sequence which transports you to a dark intriguing setting, and cut with real footage of the “Tree of Life” initiative in action, we tell the story of the power of a single donation. From this we see a healthy new habitat full of wildlife, taking the memorable rhino shape; a symbolic and powerful representation of Zeitz Foundation’s mission.

Showcasing the profound impact of even the smallest contributions, and demonstrating how they can lead to significant change. The result is a compelling and inspiring message, inspiring viewers to join the cause and contribute to the reforestation efforts in Africa.

We are proud to have played a role in this important initiative and look forward to continuing to work on projects that promote social and environmental responsibility.